Why Is Using an Antivirus Important

Why Is Using an Antivirus Important?

Antivirus software and programs are designed to analyze data like files, web pages, software, and programs to help detect and remove malicious malware as fast as possible. All offer real-time protection; that is, they protect your computers from incoming threats; detect and remove suspicious or malicious files, and offer an automatic update of current virus status. While most antivirus software is available on the internet, it is recommended you buy an updated edition of the antivirus to ensure you have the latest virus protection. Some of the common threats include Malware, Adware, Spyware, and viruses. Here are some other things you should know about antivirus:

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History of antivirus:

Antivirus apps were first released in the early 1990s to detect and prevent viruses. The primary goal was to develop antivirus software for both businesses and the public. Today, it has become a core component of a well-known program, called Windows antivirus app (also known as Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Security Zone). The security app utilizes real-time protection logic to scan all folders on the computer and check for virus definitions. The program works with the Antivirus Engine and performs constant updates via the Internet.

Helpful against android threats:

Android threats have grown tremendously over the years. Hackers are continually developing advanced and sophisticated software programs that can steal information, send SMS to premium numbers, and perform other malicious activities. As a result, millions of users connect their devices to the internet every day. The majority of them use their Android phones to browse the Internet and download various applications. 

Ensure that computers & laptops are secure:

As a result, users are urged to install antivirus software on their computers and laptops. This will help ensure that the computer systems are not constantly attacked by malware and other harmful applications. Users can also protect their valuable data by running regular antivirus scans to check for newer versions of the antivirus app they are currently using.

Important for smartphones:

However, the importance of virus scanner software on your phone and tablet devices is often overlooked. Studies have shown that users who surf the web on their smart phones are more likely to visit phishing sites and expose their confidential data. Additionally, users are susceptible to phishing attacks because they download applications from websites that could install dangerous malware on their systems. The importance of antivirus on your smart phone should therefore not be underestimated.