Things that we should know when choosing a chandelier

Things that we should know when choosing a chandelier

We know that when you will go for lights chandelier would be your first choice and you would love to buy the chandeliers which is normal nowadays because it has become the first choice almost for everyone. And why not you could choose the chandelier, these are the lights that make your house beautiful and it feels like something elegant about your house. To buy ceiling lights in Dubai, especially chandelier lights, is very hard because the selling of chandelier light is increasing on regular basis. So that is why the supply of chandelier light has decreased. 

Most of the manufacturers have to import the important glass from the different countries and its quite expensive as compared to the manufacturing of the chandelier. This is also true in terms of the techniques and time to complete because it’s not a light and manufacturer and designers makes design first and then they prepare it finally. When you are going to buy the chandelier lights you need to know these things before buying these lights.

Right Position of a Chandelier

Before buying the chandelier lights you need to make right position for the chandelier. You should measure the room and then the right chandelier for your room. Here are some reasons that why make the right position before buying the chandelier.

Aesthetic chandelier: a good designed chandelier should be admirable from every angles. If you place the chandelier in a center position you have a 360 degree views which is really admirable. 

General Lights: artificial lights could be distribute from a center position.

Symmetry: the chandelier has a best location on center position and it makes the visual balance.

Perfect height for installation

The height of chandelier should be 30 inches above the dining table so if people sit around the table they would be able to see everyone. And it should not be glare in their eyes. But if you have a high ceiling like 9 feet then add 3 inches more of ceiling height. Other rooms you should consider the line of sight and make it safe clearance when you are going to install chandelier. Because light fixture could be less appealing if it would block your view it will keep hitting you head.

Brightness of chandelier

The best lumen count for the ambient lighting in a room or a dining room would be determine the space by square foot, like per 100 square foot, and dining room needs a 300 to 400 lumens.

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