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Roof Waterproofing-Different Types And Benefits

Roof Waterproofing-Different Types And Benefits

Combination roof waterproofing is a relatively easy process with low installation costs. It can also be installed over flat roofs. Because the installation process is relatively easy, it can be a quick fix for your home. Read on for more information about combo waterproofing in Dubai and how they can benefit you. In this article, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of each. Let’s get started!

Types of waterproofing:


When considering a combination system for your waterproofing needs, you may want to look at PUMA and PMMA. Both have similar benefits, including high adhesion, durability, and tenacity to most substrates. Some PUMA systems have been tested to 1730 kPa (251 psi) on concrete, while the former is more chemical-resistant.


The Weldbond combo waterproofing system is a unique blend of two membrane systems that form one seamless system. Each membrane is waterproofed inside and out using an adhesive coating over the fastening projection. This method results in a monolithic, water-sealed seaming bond, enhancing strength and resistance to uplift forces. Its installation requires less labor than traditional waterproofing methods and has many environmental benefits.

PUMA membrane:

PUMA Membrane is a highly flexible and durable waterproofing material. It adheres to various substrates and protects against UV exposure, weathering, and damage from chemicals. Its tenacious adhesion to the substrate and unbreakable chemical bond between the coats are the primary benefits of PUMA Systems. They protect against the effects of extreme weather and provide 60-minute rain resistance.

Benefits of roof waterproofing:

The main benefits of combo waterproofing are obvious. Not only does it provide your house with the best protection from water, but it also adds to the property’s value. Combo waterproofing includes a waterproofing solution, thermal insulation, and high-quality roof finishing. Moreover, its fast curing technique makes it the preferred choice of leading construction consultants and property developers. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of a waterproof home and have peace of mind.

Maintaining the system:

Combo waterproofing systems are a hi-tech solution for homes and buildings, protecting them from water leak problems and extreme heat. They combine waterproofing with thermal insulation and high-end roof finishing to ensure superior protection from water damage. Because of their superior fast-curing properties, they are often used by leading construction consultants and property developers. But if you want to ensure your new roof or home stays dry for years, you should follow some basic maintenance steps.